Cable Junction Box Silicone & Splice Kit Enclosure Silicone Sealant
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Junction Box Enclosure Silicone / Cable Connector Sealant

Novagard RTV 600 Series Silicone Gel Sealant

Novagard RTV 600 Series Gel Sealants are unique addition cure silicone gels formulated for potting and encapsulation. Whether above or below ground re enterable or non re enterable Novagard's 600 series silicone sealants are optimized for junction box enclosures , cable splice kits , cable connectors, electrical insulation and a plethora of potting and encapsulation applications

• Exceptionally fast cure
• Convenient mix ratio
• Controlled rheology
• Solvent free formulations
• No corrosive byproducts
• Variable hardness

Technical Data 600-160    Technical Data 600-170

Technical Data 600-180    Technical Data 600-200 Series

For other excellent alternatives consider our premium Single Component Sealants or UV Cure Silicone Sealants, as always please contact us with any questions.
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Electric Insulation Silicone For Junction Box Enclosures / Cable Splice Kits / Cable Connectors.
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